Thursday, February 27, 2020

Identifying a Researchable Problem Research Paper - 2

Identifying a Researchable Problem - Research Paper Example Cultural differences my influence eating behavior and undermine universal effectiveness of an intervention approach. Understanding benefits of Evidence Based Practice and Evidence Based Research and leading change among nurses towards these can therefore improve efficiency of care and is my area of interest. Incidence and prevalence of a health problem suggest inefficiency of applied intervention strategies and the case of hypertension among adults in the United States illustrates this. High incidence and prevalence rates of hypertension in the nation is therefore the problem and an understanding of factors such as causes, gaps in current practices, and possible effective practices is necessary for prevention and management. High incidence and prevalence rate of hypertension in the United States, which suggest ineffectiveness of prevention and management measures, establish significance of the problem. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (2015), about 29 percent of American adults suffer from hypertension and the high blood pressures are only controlled in less that 50 percent of the affected population. In addition, about 33 percent of the remaining American population have pre-hypertension and are therefore at high risk of developing hypertension. With the current annual expenditure of $ 46 billion due to incidence of hypertension, the rate of pre-hypertension implies greater future expenditure, and prevention and management are necessary. High mortality rate, about 1000 deaths per day, which can be attributed to hypertension, also identifies significance because of the emotional pain on the bereaved and economic loss due to reduced labor force. The economic loss also exists whe n a hypertension patient is unable to report to work or work efficiently. High blood pressure also increases an

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